Why – on the lighter sense is Y

While the academic scores are good, why is that candidates find it difficult to crack the exam?

Reasons are many. Apart from thorough understanding of the subject, speed plays the crucial role in competitive exams.

Speed can be achieved by regular practice. Candidates will also master alternative ways of looking at numbers and solving the questions. These methods may be unconventional at times.

When it comes to solving reasoning questions, this has never been in regular academic curriculum. While some schools do cover the subject, the coverage is not adequate.


Unless you are convent educated or you did your schooling in English medium, chances are more that you will find English a challenge in competitive exams. It will also throw you a challenge when you receive a call for interview.

Secondary School and College exams provide us with options to choose certain number of questions from many. If you are to answer 5 out of 8, you may secure 100% even if you do not know the answer for the other 3. Also you may secure distinction if you score a certain percentage. In competitive exam environment a single mark difference may put thousands of candidates ahead of you.

One more area that calls for attention is to do the practice in simulated environment. When the exam is online, your preparation also needs to be online.  There are both paid and free sites providing online tests and candidates need to carefully choose and work on those tests.